4 layers of human experience

As human beings, the way that we experience life changes the very life that we are experiencing. This is important because it shows that we have the power to impact our life and everything that we experience within it. The question is: how can we change?


Let us start with the four layers of human experience:

– Physical

– Thought

– Emotion

– Love


The four layers of human experience are distinct and most noticeably separated by the number of focal points that exist within each. There is only one love, there are six core emotions (joy, sadness, excitement, fear, passion and anger), there are millions of ways of thinking and an infinite number of actions that we can take in this physical world.


The four layers of human experience flow from the bottom to the top, however our society has taught us something different. We have learned that the way in which we act in the physical world impacts our thinking, our way of thinking impacts our emotions and our emotions dictate how much we are able to love. We have been resisting the true nature of our life by attempting to force the flow of human experience from top to bottom, from the physical down to love. It is this resistance that creates a disempowered life filled with pain and suffering.


The truth is the opposite of what our society has taught us. The reality is that the way in which we love changes the experience of our emotions, how we are feeling emotionally impacts the way in which we are thinking and what we are thinking flows into our physical actions. When we perceive the flow of human experience in this truthful way we experience an empowered life.


When we live in the true flow of human experience it becomes clear where to focus our attention. Rather than attempt to focus on the infinite number of physical actions that we can take, we choose to be loving towards everyone and everything within our life. When we choose to be loving we experience connection. When we experience connection we naturally experience the happiness, freedom and fulfilment that we have always wanted.