Can we handle the truth?

When I was growing up I saw so many human beings trying to argue the truth (usually expressed as a belief). I saw this tendency in my family, in my friends, on television and within myself. I never really questioned what this truth, that everybody was arguing, really was. Until one day I came across a teacher, by the name of Adyashanti, who exposed the foundation of all truth and, in doing so, the pathway to a life without negativity, argument and aggression.


Adyashanti spoke about how we all have an internal magnetism towards positivity and that we only feel positive when we experience the truth. The truth is inherently positive; we have been given the ability to discern positivity from negativity in order to discern the truth from falsehood. This internal magnetism towards positivity shows what we really deserve in our life; we deserve to experience the truth.


The truth is self-evident; it is that which cannot be argued. This means that all arguments, aggression and negativity come from an inability to feel, think, see and express truthfully. The truth cannot be argued because it is not based upon a belief that we have in our mind; in reality it is the foundation of every experience within our life and is evident on every level of human experience.


When we experience the truth we experience all negativity, argument and aggression as redundant. It is through the experience of truth that we no longer want or need to become aggressive with another. It is one experience to no longer need to argue with another and it is that same experience that allows us to defuse all arguments that come into our life. When another attempts to create an argument with us, we simply tell them the truth: “I love you”, “I care for you”, “what you are saying is valid”, “what you are feeling is valid”, “how you are expressing yourself is beautiful” etc. This brings another back to what is really important (the truth) and thereby renders all negativity, argument and aggression redundant.


To experience the truth is to experience freedom within all of our relationships. When we experience freedom within relationships we become empowered to create the relationships that we have always wanted. Life is simply a reflection of our relationships; when we create the relationships that we have always wanted, we are creating the life that we have always wanted. It has been said that the truth will set us free… and so it is, that we all deserve to be whatever we want to be.

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