There is no other, there is only another

Have you heard how we refer to ourself, another and all of life? We can say things like “I don’t like that part of myself”, “That person is a bad person”, “I don’t like that thing” or “life is hard”. When we do we are implying that whatever we are referring to is separate from us. However this is simply a falsehood that we are going to change together.


What we do to another, we do to ourself. For example if I am judgemental of another because they have made a mistake, then I will be judgemental of myself when I make a mistake; if I refuse to show gratitude towards another who is being kind, compassionate and taking care of me, then I will refuse to show gratitude towards myself when I am caring for my body. This phenomenon is evident on every level of human experience, from what we do to the way in which we love.


We are the same as one another. We all have a body, experience thoughts (sometimes crazy and sometimes logical), cultivate feelings and we all experience love to one degree or another. There has, is and will always be more similarities between you and I than there will be difference. This is a truth that must be experienced before it can be fully understood.


Just like we have cells that make up our body; we are all cells on another body, the body of Earth. When I point at my body and say “this is my body”, I am implying that this is also one body. When we point at our planet and call it “Earth” we are implying that it is one planet or one celestial body.  If that is the case then we are all one because we are all a part of the one body, the one life.


There is no other there is only an apparent other (Another). When we look deeply we see that who we are is reflected both inside and outside of ourself. We are a beautiful and integral part of the one life that we are all living together. We are one and the same, you and I, and so there is no other… there has only ever been another.


To experience Another is to experience connection.