Freedom: The process of making all rules redundant

When we think about rules (or laws) they often bring to mind a repression of our freedom. Because of the repression that rules symbolise, many of us try to remove ourself from them or contradict them completely; this all stems from a simple misperception. The truth is that rules are actually designed to help us experience more freedom.


Rules have been created to make sure that we stay in relationship with one another. They have been designed to direct us away from negatively impacting another and, in doing so, move us towards connecting with them. The current rules which exist in our relationships and in our civilisation do appear to have accomplished this. Even those of us who are filled with aggression towards ourself are able to direct that anger away from another and into an inanimate system. This very act opens us up to feeling more love for the life that we are living, as it gives us an outlet for our anger that does not create pain in our life.


Rules have been created from the knowledge that it is our relationships which are most important. All rules inevitably assist us to stay in relationship with ourself, another and all of life. This is evident in the way we come out of relationship with another whenever we break the rules. We break the rules whenever we choose to contradict them.


Rules become redundant to us when connection becomes our sole focus. When we choose to connect with another, we naturally adhere to all rules that have ever been created. In fact, we don’t simply adhere to them… we completely supersede them. This occurs because rules have been created to be achievable by every human being, even those of us who choose to be disconnected.


When we supersede the rules it can appear that we are breaking them… because we are. However when choose to break a rule by superseding it, rather than contradicting it, we actually evoke more connection within ourself and within another. Although another may ask the question “why did you do that?” we will be connected in our response by communicating that it was “because I love you”. When we begin to supersede the rules we become free to be whatever we want to be.


When connection becomes the foundation of life, all rules become redundant and freedom becomes constant.