How to meditate

In our western culture we tend to pitch meditation as something to ‘do’ that is separate from everything else in our life. We have a belief that meditation can only happen when we are sitting in a serene environment by ourself or with another who wants to be as peaceful as we do. However this is only partially true. Yes, we can meditate when we are sitting in a serene environment, however this is not the only environment that is conducive to meditation. The reality is that if we cannot practice meditation in the most chaotic environments that we experience within our life, we do not know true meditation.


Meditation is not something that we ‘do’, it is the art of allowing everything to be as it is. Therefore we can apply meditation to every moment of our life, as we can practice regardless of what we are doing. To meditate we choose to move through the 4 layers of human experience while allowing everything to be exactly as it is. As we practice meditation at each layer of our experience we find that a deeper layer opens up to us. When we move to a deeper layer of experience we gain insight into the law of cause and effect. When we do, our ability to create the life that we have always wanted is enhanced.


Both the means and the ends to meditation are the same. When we are allowing everything to be as it is we are experiencing meditation, connection and love. When we love we are being the most allowing and accepting that we can ever be; we are in the deepest meditation possible. When we are in meditation we are allowing everything to be as it is and, by virtue of this, our life becomes free to be whatever it wants to be.


Love is the greatest harbinger of change that we can experience in our life. When we love we change the life that we are living; without pain, effort or suffering. We change life not because it is bad, but because we love it. Life chooses to change for us when it truly loves us. Life always reflects back to us what we are sharing with it. Therefore when we love the life that we are living, it will love us and choose to change into something more beautiful than it already is.


When we can allow everything to be as it is, we will experience a life that is far different and much more beautiful than what we ever thought possible.