The meaning of life

When I first searched for the meaning of life I looked to what I had experienced in my past; thoughts and physical actions. However these experiences clearly did not hold the answer to my question, as I searched for years only to find that nothing had a fundamental meaning or purpose. I came to the conclusion that this question of meaning must be something unanswerable. It was not until I tuned into the deeper layers of human experience that I would ask myself this same question again.


Years later I came across some information that moved me towards the truth: in the past there was a symposium of all the prominent religions where an authority figure, from each religion, stood up and spoke about the deeper nature of their faith. The outcome of this symposium was that none of the religions agreed with one another upon the dogma (which basically means moral code) with which we should live our life as human beings. However they all agreed upon something much more profound than simple dogma. They all agreed upon what a spiritual experience really is.


A spiritual experience occurs when we experience connection with everyone and everything in our life. It is the all-enveloping knowledge that we are part of something greater than just one human being. This knowledge evokes an intense feeling of love for everyone and everything within our life. At the core of all true spiritual experience is this feeling of love.


It was the realisation of what a spiritual experience truly was that lead me back to this very important question: ‘what is the meaning of life?’ Through the teachings of many beautiful human beings and, more importantly, through my own personal experience it became clear that the underlying meaning of life was synonymous with all true spiritual experience: The meaning of life is to feel love.


It was not until I shifted my focus from my physical actions to my feelings of love that I was able to experience the true meaning of life. This shift in focus lead me to experience greater energy, greater freedom and greater fulfilment than I ever thought possible. It is through my experience that I have realised the true meaning of life cannot be done… it must be felt within our hearts.