The true nature of all doing: Feeling

Why do we do what we do? When we look at it from the perspective of a person (someone who is separate from life) we do things in order to get something in return: money, support, relationships etc. As a person we want to get enough so that we can be in a position where we no longer have to do anything for another… because we do not feel any love for them.


When we are doing in order to get something in return, we experience discomfort. This discomfort is experienced in our emotions, thoughts, actions and in the response that we receive from another: it is experienced in every single aspect of our life. When we are doing without feeling, discomfort is inevitable.


We experience the true purpose of all doing in feeling. When we are open to receiving the feelings that come up from doing for another; we experience more energy, more focus, more precision and thereby more success in whatever it is that we are doing. This increase in potential occurs because we are feeling love for what we are doing right now, rather than focusing our attention on what we will get in the future.


When we feel love for what we are doing, we experience ‘giving’. When we truly give we allow another to feel the love that we are feeling, through our actions. It does not matter what it is that we are giving in our physical life. All that matters is that when it is given with a feeling of love, that is how it is experienced by another: as a feeling of love.


The true purpose of doing is feeling. When we experience this truth we no longer want to get away from doing for another, we want to immerse ourself in it. This kind of doing can be seen in those whom we admire e.g. Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.


When we experience the true nature of doing, it is no longer a chore… it is the pathway to love.