Pain is not real

In our western society we are obsessed with numbing our pain; whether it be our physical pain with pain killers, our psychological pain with anti-depressants or our emotional pain with addictions. When we numb our pain we actually disconnect from the information that our body is sending us, we disconnect from the sensations that we can feel. When we disconnect from our sensations we stop ourself from resolving the pain that we are experiencing.


Sensations are the language of our body. When we numb our sensations we stop our body from communicating with us. When we stop our body from communicating it reacts like a child, becoming louder and louder… more and more painful. The only way to resolve our pain, on any level, is to fully connect with our sensations. When we are connected with our sensations they guide us towards healing ourself on every level; whether it be physical, psychological or emotional.


When we fully connect with our sensations we experience the feeling of love. It is this feeling that is imbued into all of the actions that we take, thoughts that we make and emotions that we create within our body. In order to truly connect with our sensations we must stop judging them as ‘painful’. We do this by feeling below the label of ‘pain’ into the sensation itself e.g. sharp, dull, pulsing, steady, contracted, open, heavy or light. When we feel the true sensation that exists within us right now we no longer feel pain.


My Breathwork teacher and mentor Nicholas de Castella says that pain arises from resisting what is… and he is right. When we no longer resist our emotions, thoughts and physical experiences we no longer experience pain. When we no longer resist our experience we are inevitably connected with it. When we experience connection within our life we feel love. When we feel love for what we are experiencing right now, regardless of what it is, we experience the happiness, freedom and fulfilment that we have always wanted.


Pain is not real, it comes from our resistance to ourself.