Possession: The idea that prevents connection

When we choose to take possession of anything we immediately place expectation on that which we are possessing. When we are in possession of anything we expect it to act and react in certain ways towards us. If our expectations are not met we then judge it as wrong and attempt to avoid relationship with it. However we cannot avoid relationship with any part of our life and so our attempt to avoid relationship is experienced as a disconnected relationship.


We do not only choose to take possession of inanimate objects within our life, we can also choose to take possession of the human beings whom we interact with. Possession of another is evident in the way that we place expectation on them. Whenever we place expectation on another we are treating them like our possession. If we choose to take possession of another it is only a matter of time before we begin to judge them and, in doing so, create disconnected relationships within our life.


Possession is an unfulfilling experience for ourself, another and every aspect of our life. Even though this is the case many of us still choose to take possession of our life and everything within it. The question is why do we do this? The answer: because it appears to make our life easier. Everyone and everything within our life is constantly changing. We all change so much that it can appear difficult to stay connected with everything. Therefore we choose to place expectation onto ourself, another and all of life in order to subtly manipulate the way in which it all relates to us. However this way of interacting creates disconnected relationships and prevents us from experiencing fulfilment. A lack of fulfilment is experienced as a lack of energy. When we lack energy everything within our life is experienced as difficult.


Possession is not real. In reality we are connected and in relationship with everyone and everything within our life; we cannot possess that which we are in relationship with. For us to experience reality we simply need to allow the very notion of possession to become redundant within our life. When we experience an end to possession we experience the connection, fulfilment, energy and ease that we have always wanted.


When we do not take possession of another, all that is left is connection.