What does it mean to feel strong?

‘I have come to realise how important it is in this life to feel strong. Not necessarily to be strong but to feel strong. To test ourself just once. To stand in front of the great unknown and know that we can handle whatever comes our way.’ ~ Christopher McCandless (Into the wild)


Strength is a very important aspect of our life as a human being. It has a direct impact on our ability to create what we want, be who we want and love how we want to love within our life. For something that is so profound and important, strength has the potential to work against us if we misunderstand its true nature.


Being strong is about resisting physical, intellectual and emotional suffering within our life; believing that we are better than this experience and thereby stopping ourself from truly connecting with it. This form of strength actually proliferates suffering within our life. It does this by keeping us in a constantly resistant and warlike state of being which prevents us from ever truly feeling love.


Feeling strong, in comparison to being strong, proliferates the feeling of love. This form of strength promotes love because it is founded upon supporting everyone and everything within our life, rather than trying to be better than that which we perceive around us. To feel strong is natural when we no longer feel any resistance within our life.


To truly feel strong we must surrender to everyone and everything that we have ever resisted within our life. We must stand strong and connect with any narcissistic attempts to save what we perceive to be ourself. We stand strong by choosing to validate everyone and everything around us… even when we perceive that we are being invalidated.


When we feel strong, we feel connected to everyone and everything within our life. It is the experience of connection which breads all true strength within our life. When we feel strong we naturally utilise this strength to receive what we want within our life.


When we are connected, we feel strong; when we feel strong, we want what is holistically beneficial for all of life; when we want what is holistically beneficial, we receive it… always.