What is the cause of suffering?

We have come to accept suffering as a part of our life, as if suffering and life are the same thing. This idea has been proliferated by our Western Society’s fixation on comfort and evoking this experience through allowing us to avoid taking part in life. Our society has done this through the proliferation of technology which minimises our need to do anything in our life. This focus on comfort as a means to a better life has imbedded the belief that all suffering is caused by a lack of comfort, however what if this was not true? What if suffering is not what we thought it was?


Our Western Society is becoming more and more comfortable, yet suffering appears to be on the rise. This shows that it is not a lack of comfort which causes suffering but something else. Based upon the amount of suffering that exists within our life, it is evident that whatever causes suffering must be exacerbated by our current society rather than remedied by it.


While our Western Society has been creating more and more comfort, it has also been creating more and more addiction. This trend of increasing addiction appears to be congruent with the increasing suffering within our life. It is evident that comfort does not impact upon our suffering; it is ultimately addiction which creates all suffering within our life.


Addiction occurs whenever we compulsively repeat patterns of behaviour that we no longer want to experience. This includes taking drugs, eating unhealthy foods, being cruel to another and perceiving ourself as negative. Addiction is what stops us from being who we truly want to be. It does this by coercing us into repeating redundant patterns of behaviour that no longer add value to our life, thereby preventing us from choosing new and more loving ways to express ourself.


In order to resolve the suffering within our life we must first recognise the cause of suffering. When we recognise that it is our addictions which prevent us from experiencing freedom from suffering, we become motivated to connect with and fully experience those addictions. Whenever we experience connection, we come to know that which we are connecting with. When we come to know our addictions we inevitably transform our suffering into a life that is beautiful, powerful and extraordinary.