Is money the root of all evil?

Within certain circumstances money can appear to be the root of all evil e.g. when a family is torn apart by the craving for their deceased relatives estate. However what if money is not the root of all evil; what if there is a characteristic within humanity, rather than money, which is more worthy of this label?


Money appears to be evil when it is utilised to avoid, or even harm, our relationship with another. This ‘evil’ label is naturally placed onto any action that is taken which negatively impacts on another. Whenever we harm another we are also harming our relationship with them and whenever our relationships are harmed our life becomes less meaningful. As our life loses meaning we lose the ability to experience what we truly want within our life.


Money is nothing more than a tool which allows us to have another do what we need them to do for us. In this way money actually makes our life easier because it saves us from having to form relationships with everyone and everything in order to survive. However when we believe that we need money to survive in this world we naturally create a love/hate relationship with money which inevitably ends with the perception of money as the root of all evil.


Money can appear to be the root of all evil when used to avoid relationship with another. However money can also be perceived as ‘good’ when utilised to enhance our relationship with another. Money is not the root of all evil, it is the avoidance of relationship which more strongly deserves this label. This is because avoiding relationship directly harms our ability to experience the happiness, freedom and fulfilment that we have always wanted.


It is possible to make money completely redundant within our life by no longer needing anything from another. However if we live in this way we have less of an ability to positively impact the life of those we love. This is because we will spend much of our life foraging for the essential, rather than thriving upon the beauty of connection which is at the core of every community.


Money is nothing more than a powerful tool, it is certainly not the root of all evil. The root of all evil appears whenever relationships are not prioritised within the life of a human being.