Reaching our true potential

Our goal in life is live out our true potential. This is a valiant goal, yet one which many of us fall short of. The question is why does another reach their true potential when we have not? The answer to this questions is very simple: It is all a matter of perspective.


What we choose to focus our attention on expands. When we focus our attention on our physical experience we inevitably increase our output and our achievement to this end. However if we solely focus our attention on the physical world we will miss out on reaching our full potential within the deeper layers of our human experience i.e. in our thoughts, emotions and love.


Many people tend to reach their full potential in the physical world, however if they have not experienced their full potential on a deeper level they will feel hollow and empty. If their perspective is not refocused at this stage they will continue to yearn for more, continually consuming with no appreciation for what they have already achieved. This continual yearning inevitably ends with the surrendering of their previous accomplishments e.g. the fall from grace that so many professional athletes suffer.


‘The love that we retain is the pain that we carry’ – Ralph Waldo Emmerson


When we choose to focus our attention anywhere other than love we find pain waiting for us within our life. We may be able to achieve our full potential in our physical experience, thoughts and emotions but we will never experience our true potential. Our true potential is experienced within the love that we feel for ourself, another and all of life. Whatever we achieve without love becomes hollow and is never truly fulfilling. The biggest pain that we carry with us is the inability to love ourself and those whom we care about.


Our true potential can only be reached in love and can only be expressed with love. It is through focusing our attention on the way in which we love our emotions, thoughts and physical experience that we can reach our true potential. When we focus our attention on the way in which we love, all layers of our experience become more beautiful; as they become more beautiful they also become more lovable. This cycle of love and beauty proliferates itself without any effort. It is this effortless experience which is the hallmark of all true potential.