What is evolution?

Evolution is defined as the process by which living organisms are believed to have developed from earlier life-forms.


The term Evolution is most commonly applied to the biological organism that is our body. We tend to attribute evolution to increased efficiency within our physical experience. Although true, this way of perceiving evolution requires us to look forward into the future or backward into the past in order to observe the process of evolution i.e. evolving from monkeys into humans. When we adhere to this way of evolving we stop ourself from ever truly experiencing evolution.


The reality is that evolution can be evoked within every Layer of Human Experience, from the physical right down to the way in which we love. Evolution occurs when we increase our capacity to perceive life as positive and thereby express ourself in a more fundamentally positive manner. The more positively we express ourself the more positive our relationships become. The more positive our relationships become the more positively we experience our life.


“Evolve and love are so similar that they could be the same word” – Michael Brown


Michael Brown indicates that the words ‘love’ and ‘evolve’ are so similar they cannot be separated. This means that to love another is to give them every opportunity to evolve, rather than trying to manipulate them into being the way that we think they should be. This evolved experience of relationship requires us to admit that we cannot know what another needs in order to evolve. When we can admit this truth we become free to love another regardless of how they are acting, thinking or feeling. When we love another exactly as they are; they freely express every layer of their experience so truthfully, so openly and so beautifully that evolution becomes apparent.


Evolution is only evident within our physical experience when we look backwards or forwards in time, over many generations. However evolution is accessible in this present moment when we choose to love ourself. When we choose to perceive and express ourself with love we experience true evolution. It is through the true experience of evolution, within ourself, that we assist the evolution unfolding within the totality of life.

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