Why do we hate work?

When we look up the word ‘work’ in our Western dictionaries we find that it has a multitude of different definitions, the most holistic of which is ‘exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something.’ This definition really reflects the way that many of our parents and friends have come to view their work. I know it certainly reflects the way that I perceived my work in the past.


When we choose to perceive work as requiring exertion or effort then we will naturally form resistance to it. This occurs because we do not always feel like putting effort into our life. In fact, many of us dislike the output of effort so much that we dream of forgetting our life from Monday morning to Friday afternoon in order to avoid the experience of work. The issue with this desire is that it can never be accomplished and actually intensifies the hate we feel for our work. It is whatever we feel for our work that is naturally reflected in what we feel for our life.


‘Work is love made visible.’ – Kahlil Gibran


Effort is something that we do not always feel like experiencing. Comparatively love is a feeling that we always welcome into our life. When we choose to shift our perception of work from something that requires effort into something that simply allows us to create, with the love that we feel through our heart, then our experience changes forever. Primarily this change is experienced as connection with our work. As we connect with our work we begin to form strong relationships with everyone and everything within our work. It is the relationships that we form within our work that are naturally reflected into the relationships that we experience outside of work.


Work is not something that we have to do, it is something that we choose to give. When we are feeling love for our work it changes from being hard and laborious into being an expression of the love that we feel through our heart. When our work becomes an expression of our love we experience the happiness, freedom and fulfilment that we have been searching for… paradoxically we experience it in the very place that we have been trying to get away from.