Where does regret begin?

Regret is something that we have all experienced. Whether it is something that we are living with right now or it has been a forgettable experience from our past, it is accurate to say that we are not alone. Regret is experienced when we feel sad about the past because of something that we have lost or because of an opportunity that we have missed. Ultimately regret creates suffering within our life.


In order to experience regret we must be thinking about the past with a sense of loss. Whenever we think about the past, in a non-productive (regretful) manner, we do so because we feel disempowered. Whenever we feel disempowered we disconnect from our life. When we disconnect from life we inevitably utilise our energy to think about the past or the future. Whenever we think about the past or the future, in a disconnected way, all that we find is more disempowerment e.g. “I should have done it another way”, “I will never deserve to have what I want” etc. This occurs because we cannot help but utilise our current state of mind to think. If it is a disempowered state of mind that we are experiencing right now then this is exactly what we will project onto whatever we choose to think about.


Regret begins with the inability to fully express ourself. When we have not fully expressed ourself with those whom we love we experience regret. We experience regret because we feel disempowered when expressing ourself out into the physical world. It is the inability to express ourself with those whom we love that is the cause of all regret within our life.


‘The reward for love is in the loving, not in the result of having loved’ – Mother Teresa.


When we feel love for another we naturally express ourself fully with them. Our love can be expressed in a multitude of different ways, not just verbal. It does not require an expansive vocabulary or a high IQ, however it does require the ability to feel our emotions and love them fully. When we truly love our emotions they change, regardless of which emotions they are, into loving emotions. When we cultivate loving emotions we create loving thoughts. When we create loving thoughts we express loving action. When we express loving action we experience true empowerment and freedom from all regret.