The Funny Thing About Change

The funny thing about change, is that things cannot stay the same.


We can look at life like a stagnant experience, something that requires effort in order to change. However this could not be further from the truth. The reality of life is change… change in our environment, change in our society and change within ourselves.


Life becomes difficult when we resist the natural process of change. It is this resistance to change that causes so much heart-ache within our western culture… a culture where we can freely access all the necessities of life. When we allow change to occur, we embrace the rhythm of life and free ourselves from the unnecessary suffering that is evident in our western culture today.


Change is not something that we need to force. It is an essential process that will come into our experience, if we would only allow it. When change comes to us and we truly allow it in… then we will find our life deeply transformed.