Be Human

Through the ages and the pages we have sought to be right,
And it was the actions that we took which saw the beginning of our plight,
When I see the world through black and through white,
This signifies the birth of a being who is right.


When we want to be right, the lens through which we see all of our life is a critical one. One that sees all that is wrong with the world. We look for what is wrong because we see it as a short-cut to our being (right). However this is a misperception and acting upon it takes us away from our true nature, from our true being. Because we are not ‘being rights’… we are human beings.


Human beings are an integral part of nature. We exist because our mothers and fathers created us. We exist because our friends and family have supported us through the difficult times. We exist because our community provides us with a purpose to live and the felt sense experience of peace and fulfilment.


When we focus on being human our lens becomes cleaner, our minds become sharper, our hearts become lighter and our relationships evoke the feeling of love. When we allow ourselves to be what we truly are, we become what we were born to be.


Let us allows ourselves to be human again. To sing and to dance; to laugh and to cry; to be whatever we feel in this moment. Through allowing ourselves to be human, we begin to see the beauty within one another… rather than what is wrong within the ones that we love.


Rather than trying to be right, let us allow ourselves to be human…