The Mutually Beneficial Perspective

Do you ever get the feeling that the universe is against you?


Life can be the harshest of tribulations and the greenest of pastures. Moment by moment, the quality of our life can swing from one extreme to the other. This experience appears to be reflected in the life of every admirable human being who has created significant and mutually beneficial outcomes in our world.


The admirable human being is able to connect with the harshest of tribulations without falling prey to the insidious belief that the universe is against us. How do they accomplish this? One possible answer is this: it is all a matter of perspective.


One perspective to take, when life does not go our way, is that any/every aspect of our experience is against us. The alternative, and equally plausible, perspective to take is that everyone that we have ever engaged with is for themselves. When we look at the world from this affirming vantage point, we can maintain the compassion and courage required to forge truly meaningful relationships and a profoundly beautiful life.


The creation of everything that is mutually beneficial (extraordinary for me and wonderful for you) stems from our ability to add value in this world. When it comes to adding value, human beings become capable of this when we perceive the ones we love as powerful, beautiful and extraordinary. By adding value to the life of those we love, we can experience truly prolific freedom.