Why Do We Care?

It is what we care about that focuses our attention on what matters. But what if we cared about things that don’t really matter… what would be our experience of life?


Many of us care about what other people think. It is this ‘caring’ that brings into focus our own thoughts and our hypothesis on what others are thinking. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


When we care about other living creatures, we care about how they feel. Whether we are interacting with an insect, an elephant or the family dog… we place our focus on how they are feeling and not what they think.


Other living creates who care about us, care about what we are feeling. You may have seen a family dog smiling at its owner, while the owner says “you are a stupid dog” in an endearing tone of voice. The dog cares about the feelings of its owner, because it has more in common with the feelings of its owner than it does with the thoughts of its owner.


Just like our lovable family pets, we have more in common with one another’s feelings than we do with each other’s thoughts. Our thought processes are impacted by our life experience… and each human being has a unique life experience. Comparatively, our feelings remain consistent throughout our life. It is the consistency of our feelings which allows them to be the point of connection within all of our relationships, human or otherwise.


When we choose to care about the feelings of one another, our relationships change from complicated to simple… and our experience of life reflects this transformation.