You Are Worthy

Authentic relationships require both of us to experience and express our authenticity. To do this, we must let go of our thoughts and the thoughts of others. This is a difficult, but necessary, odyssey. Within a society where we are often told how we ‘should’ act, think and feel; letting go of our thoughts allows us to let go of trying to be a person who is worthy.


Once we are free of doing what we ‘should’ do, we free ourselves up to experience what is truly happening within our bodies. Feeling the sensations and emotions that are ever-present within our bodies allows us to experience a more foundational, more authentic, aspect of who we are as unique and beautiful human beings.


When we uncover our unique experience of life, we open up new opportunities within our relationships. In order to propagate these opportunities, we can utilise intrinsically validating language to express our authentic experience, while also validating and evoking the authenticity within the ones we love.


When we validate our authentic experience, we are liberated from the tireless pursuit of becoming worthy… as we come to acknowledge true self-worth in every moment of our life.