Are You Awake?

Are you awake?
Have you arrived?
Does it feel like you have ever been alive?
Or does it feel like this has only just begun?


Living in the past and the future prevents us from connecting with one another and experiencing life.


When we live in the past there are many memories which surface, moment to moment. These memories might be something along the lines of how we did not receive ‘enough’ respect from our friends, how we were not nurtured ‘correctly’ by our parents, how our partners have ‘failed’ to truly love us. Importantly; whatever memories that arise will be accompanied by a judgmental perspective.


When we live in the future there are many thoughts which surface, moment to moment. These thoughts might be something along the lines of will we accomplish ‘enough’ today?, will we interact ‘correctly’ with our family?, will we ‘fail’ to meet the expectations of our partners? Just like when we are living in the past, when we swing into the future our thoughts are often accompanied by a judgemental perspective.


Recalling memories and producing thoughts are innate abilities which can aid us in making wonderful choices. However, when these abilities are not imbued with gratitude they will be permeated by judgement. Judgemental memories and thoughts are a hindrance which prevents us from experiencing connection with one another and within ourselves.


When we practice gratitude within ourselves and with each other, we unlock the hidden potential which is innate within all of life. This hidden potential is not something otherworldly; like super strength or the ability to read minds. It is something mystical which can be accessed by every living creature within the present moment.


Gratitude allows us to touch the mystical and experience present moment awareness. It is through existing within the present moment that we can truly wake up and connect with all of the beauty that is before us right now.