Finding Fault

As much as we find fault within ourselves is as much as we look for fault within one another.


Human beings are simply a fragment within a universal system. Therefore, when we look at ourselves in isolation, we can appear to be incomplete… to be imperfect. When we choose to see ourselves in this way; we inevitably find fault with our actions, our thoughts and our innate experience of life.


We apply the same expectations upon one another as we do towards ourselves. This makes sense because we are all human. The expectations that we place upon ourselves is in relationship with the amount of fault that we choose to perceive within ourselves. It is this perception of fault that is at the heart of our constant search for fault within one another.


When we see ourselves in isolation, when we find fault within ourselves, we will apply this same methodology towards one another and prevent ourselves from experiencing life in its fullness. Recognise that you are an intrinsic part of this great system that we call ‘life’ and you will begin to see that same life within everything and everyone who you interact with.