How to Be Intimate

Intimacy can be defined as ‘close familiarity or friendship’. It is also knowns as ‘into me I see’, meaning that I see what is happening inside of myself. When we can truly ‘see’ something, we are able to express it towards one another. Therefore, intimacy is the ability to express what is happening inside of ourselves.


Intimacy is important within our relationships because it determines the depth of our connection. If we are unable to express intimately with one another, we will be unable to connect on a deep level.


Authenticity is interwoven into intimacy. Authenticity can be defined as ‘of undisputed origin and not a copy’. In essence, authenticity is something that is real. As human beings, we are authentic when we allow ourselves to do whatever it is that we want to do, to think however it is that we are currently thinking and to truly feel what it is to be alive. When we allow ourselves to be authentic, in this way, we naturally engage intimately with everyone who we interact with.


When it comes to evoking intimacy within our relationships, we can create an environment that is conducive to authentic expression by:
1. Allowing ourselves to be authentic
2. Validating another, regardless of how they are expressing.


When we are being authentic, we are not seeing ourselves through judgemental eyes. Rather, we are accepting ourselves exactly as we are. Other people feel more comfortable being themselves around us when we are accepting, because we are more likely to validate who they are… in every moment.