Difficult Experiences

The most beautiful rose is grown out of the most fertile of soil. The most fertile soil is either covered in crap or has been covered in crap in recent history.

Roses are great metaphors for the choices that we make, as our choices can lead to beauty and astonishment. The soil is an appropriate metaphor for our lives, as our choices arise from our lives just like a beautiful rose rises up from fertile soil.

Our lives derive their fertility from the amount of fertiliser that we feed them with. The most natural ‘fertiliser’ is derived from un-orchestrated experiences that inspire learning and evoke growth. Of these experiences, the most powerful are often described as “crap”. But there is something beautiful waiting beneath such experiences. This beauty is an improved capacity to make important choices.

The choices that we make today are a by-product of the experiences that we have had in the past. There are so many inspiring people who talk about the most difficult thing they have faced also being the most important thing that they have gone through. This is because difficulties often inspire greater understanding and alternative perspectives.

Life is a balance between enjoying the times when everything is as we want it to be and learning when things don’t go our way. If this balance is skewed to the ‘positive’, our capacity to make important choices is compromised. If it is skewed to the ‘negative’ then we may rarely feel any happiness at all.

When we allow the most difficult experiences to be what they are, we can learn from them. It is through learning that we can prepare our lives for the many roses that are to come.