Our Hearts’ Longing

Our hearts long for that which reminds us of ourselves.

When people get together, they tend to do so with others who are like them. There is a very good reason for this kind of behaviour. Because when we love someone who reminds us of ourselves, we also acknowledge ourselves as complete.

So why do so many people choose to ‘love’ an individual while also demanding change from them? It could be because they always focus on what is wrong with the world or because they don’t believe they are worthy of having wonderful human beings in their lives. Whatever the overt reasoning, foundationally they will make this choice because of a belief that they are not worthy of love themselves.

When we perceive ourselves as lacking, we will look for all the ways in which others are lacking as well.

When we perceive ourselves as complete, in all the ways that we are complete, we will see this completeness reflected in everyone that we interact with.

Maybe your heart doesn’t long for that which reminds you of yourself… maybe your heart has already found it in the way that you perceive everyone within your life.